The Family

The Family
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A way to not be hot in Haiti

I spent the night last night shivering cold and trying to find more covers. Unusual for Haiti unless you have some jungle disease or something. I have come down with some kind of illness. I am not sure what yet but I have a terrible cough with fever and aches all over. I pray it is a short lived bug but we shall see. Pray that none of the children get it. We know that sickness is something we will have to battle but I was hoping for at least one full week first!

Here are a couple of pictures of some things we have had going on. The girls are playing with some of the kids from the graduation of the school on the compound where we live. All the kids want to touch Josie and say she looks like a "porcelain". I tend to agree though so it is not just a Haitian thing.

We also started a basketball camp with the boys in the orphanage. Judah is enjoying being a part of that as well. It is a good chance to teach things like even standing in line and teamwork. We hope to get to have other clinics in the village as time goes by. Sports are a great way to reach children and their families and to build relationships with the people we want to minister too.

There are always things going on even just on the compound here. Joy and the kids had a chance to just spend some time playing with bubbles with some of the neighborhood kids. They also had a chance to work on their creole. Learning the language is definitely going to be one of the things that we have to make a priority as we try to get established here.

Our first project on the apartment since the bus is not here was to get some closet space. So we had a local mason who is also a deacon at the church associated with the orphanage come over and build us a closet in a corner of our bedroom that we can use for the whole family. It should be done tomorrow and then we will begin painting once the bus clears customs.

We definitely thank everyone for their prayers. Even in my sickness we sense the presence of the Lord and we are greatful. Once we get a better internet connection, we will be able to use our internet phone a little better and everything. It is just not a good upload speed so we sound very choppy and it is very frustrating for the person calling us. But those things are trivial. The important thing is that we are seeing God work and we are excited about being a part. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Martha said...

Kerry I hope you are feeling better. All of you are on mind continually through out the day and night. When I wake up during the night I first think of all of you and say a prayer for you. Tanner woke up last night and said he couldn't go to sleep. I told him to just start praying until he feel asleep and to start with to pray for all of you. There are lots of people praying for you.

Mike,Vicki,Josh,Katie,Haley and Samuel said...

We are praying for you guys.We miss yall a bunch!We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kerry. I think Kristen has a milder case of what you had. She hasn't chased any moving vehicles, though, so she should recover more quickly than you have! A low grade fever comes and goes and she's been coughing, but it's all manageable. I think she would say it was worth it. She and Lizzy had a great time with you guys and they fell in live with the orphans. We are praying!!!

Anonymous said...

My goodness, I am not as bad at grammar as my post appears. What I meant to say was "she should recover quicker that you..." and that the girls fell in LOVE with the orphans!!!

Anonymous said...

...and I did it again...

Tricia said...

What blessed assurance it is to see your pictures! I've been so busy checking my emails for updates, that I failed to check the blog. And what great reassurance for our girls to SEE that you REALLY are there in Haiti. By faith, we all knew you were safe, but our minds needed something to see and to hold in our hearts. We love you all, PRAY for you all, and our thoughts are filled with you each and every day.
In Christ Alone,

Anonymous said...

How are you feeling ? We have been praying for your health.... Please give us an update as soon as you can !! Love and prayers to you and your family ! :)