The Family

The Family
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some Things are Bitter-Sweet

Sometimes things have a way of being sweet and sad at the same time. We have experienced a lot of those times as we finish out everything here. Seeing my last day of patients at the office was sad in the respect that I had spent 10 years getting to know them and now I will be turning their care over to someone else. On the other hand, it was sweet because I had a chance to let them all know that the most important thing in my life is my faith in Jesus Christ. I know that the 10 years I spent practicing optometry here was preparing me for the mission field.

Another of those bitter sweet experiences was taking Jacy Klaire to her last singing lesson with Ellen Mills. Jacy's favorite time each week was that half hour with Mrs. Ellen. She loves to sing and perform. We are praying God uses that to draw her into a worship leader position on the mission field. Below is a short video of part of her last lesson. It is fitting that she is singing about God's faithfulness. We are trusting in that faithfulness to carry our precious Jacy Klaire through as she finds God's place in the mission field.

We have seen God's hand clearly in so many ways lately. We shared our story at a church last Sunday morning and a young man from Puerto Rico came up to us after the service. He shared how grateful he was for what we are doing because he and his whole family were saved through the ministry of missionaries to Puerto Rico when he was a boy. He even drove home right after church to get his kids to bring them back to meet us before we left.

Then just a couple of days later Joy had a sweet young lady over to the house to show her some small jewelry Joy wanted to get to give to some of the ladies we know when we get to Haiti. The lady was so encouraging to Joy as she shared about being saved as a child growing up in Southeast Asia because of the faithfulness of a missionary family that reached out to her family. God has used so many people to encourage us and remind us that we are in it for His glory.

The staff from our church donated a generator to us to use to keep our batteries charged. Here is a picture of the generator and Ernie Robinson that arranged for us to get it. We are SO grateful.

We also received another generator from the DelCharco family to use in our clinic. God has truly met our needs so completely throughout the preparation process.

We are so grateful to everyone that has worked so hard to help us during this time. We will be leaving on June 22nd to head to Haiti. We will try to post a full itinerary of that trip in the next few days.

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