The Family

The Family
Justice, Logan, Jacy Klaire, Joy, Josie Kate, Luke, Megan, Judah, Kerry, Jaxon

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One more day!

We are trying not to push the kids too hard on the trip down since we make the flight and in Haiti trip on Thursday. We left Savannah this morning at about 11:00 after the kids had a quick hop in the hotel pool.

We arrived at our hotel in Fort Pierce, Florida at about 8:30 tonight. After checking into the hotel we let the kids swim a few minutes- we did not even take the time to try to dig out swim suits- to burn off some energy from the 9.5 hours of riding today.

We will go and visit Missionary Flights International here in Fort Pierce in the morning. That is where we are going to keep the Suburban until we come back in October. After that, we will be taking the bus down to West Palm Beach, about an hour south, and then heading to Miami to get ready for our Thursday morning departure.

Thank you to everyone that has been praying for us. The kids have done great! Joy and Liz are taking care of them with occasional stops at rest areas.

The bus has made it great. No problems at all. God is SO good. We have run the gamut on emotions but mostly we are just excited and enjoying the travel time together as we prepare for Thursday.

We will keep you updated tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Judah is not in the picture. Did you leave him behind at a rest stop or is he the one pushing the girls on the luggage cart?????
We have been praying for you "without ceasing".
Love ya all - Shelly

Carrie said...

I am so happy things are going well!!! Praying for you guys ALL the time! Be Safe! Love Love Love to you! Carrie Benner