The Family

The Family
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fish Tale

I have a group of fisherman that I am trying to minister to by helping them be able to catch more fish and sell them to support their families. Another way we help them is by being a good customer. Last week 2 of my guys that fish in a little canot- wooden boat- showed up at the house with the fish you see here. They caught him on a 50 foot line tied to a bleach jug with a small fish on the end. They take their 10-15 jugs out to the deep water around the islands and lets them float. Then they go back about 4 hours later to check them. Today was a lucky day! When they see one of the jugs going across the water they chase it down paddling and begin to pull the fish in by hand. This was a sword fish that we were able to buy over 50 pounds of meat after they cleaned it. They don't like the fact that I will not buy the head to make soup out of but they are happy to sell the rest.
The biggest issues surrounding them are finding bait fish. They go out at night and place an oil lamp on a paddle extended out over the water. That draws in little fish that they can catch to use for bait. If they do not find bait, they can't go out for the fish that they can sell. We are trying to find some lights that are rechargable that we can mount on a board or something over the water to bring in more bait fish. We also are in the process of getting them good hooks and line so that when they do hang one they don't loose it. The guys that brought us the sword fish have not sold tried to sell us anything in weeks. One fish may have to provide the income to feed the family and continue to fishing business for weeks. We are trying to help these guys and share with them the love of Jesus Christ too. And we get to eat good fresh fish everyday. God is good!

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God bless you all!
Much much love,
Carrie Benner