The Family

The Family
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Monday, May 31, 2010

Celebration Kids Club

Sometimes God has to give you a little push! Joy has wanted to start a ministry to our local kids where we meet with them each week and share the love of Jesus with them. She has been wanting me to schedule a time and decide the best way to go about it. I have just been slack in getting it going. So God handled it.

About a month ago a little girl showed up at our yard all dirty with matted hair and dirty clothes. She began to tell us how her parents were killed in the quake and she was living in the refugee camp down the road. Joy took her in and gave her a shower and everything and we fed her and fixed her hair. We had her go home and told her to come back the next day. When she came back some things just did not seem exactly right so we decided to go check things out. It turns out she has a mother and a father doing just fine and an aunt had put her up to the lie to try to see what she could get out of it.

So a month goes by. Then Saturday I am sitting in the yard and about a dozen kids come peeking around the wall. One would come out and then run back and then another and another. Finally I motioned for them to come over and asked them what was going on. They said they had been told we were giving away bicycles and baby dolls to every kid that came to our house that day. So here we had a dozen kids wanting bikes and babies. Guess who told them that...

You guessed it. The little "orphan" from the month before. So I took the opportunity to sit the kids down and find out their names and ages. Then I asked if the little fibber was on the other side of the wall... she was (she is the one on the back left in the picture looking all scared about her punishment for lying!). So she came too and I told the story of the boy that cried wolf and shared with them the importance of honesty.. . and forgiveness. Then since it was the day before Haitian Mother's Day we gave them all a gift bag of hygeine supplies etc. to give to their mothers. We also invited them back on Wednesday after school for the first official meeting of Joy's Celebration Kids club.

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