The Family

The Family
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prayer Request

I wanted to ask for prayer for Julie Wirries. Many of you know Julie- or Titant (little aunt)- moved back to Haiti when we did to serve once again on the mission field in Haiti. She moved from Montrouis to Port Au Prince several months ago to work with another missionary in an orphanage. I have not been able to contact either one of them and we were not able to get all the way to their area yesterday due to downed power lines. I have never been to the orphanage and I am not exactly sure where it is but I know the area. If we do not hear anything we are going to try to make another trip to that area tomorrow to check on her. If anyone hears from her please let us know.

The team we have here is stranded for an extra week due to airline cancellations. They will be able to make such a difference in this "bonus" week of service! We are hoping to meet with Samaritan Purse personel this afternoon to coordinate more efforts in the heart of the city tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers and support. We will be taking in clean water and supplies as well as doing medical treatment again. We will update again soon.


Tommie said...

I truly hope your team uses this "extra week of service" God gave you to to look for a fellow missionary, Julie. Please share any news of her or information you know of the area.

Kyle Crafton said...

Kerry Im so glad everyone is Okay I LOVE YOU ALL!!!I want you to know ive been praying for all of you for the past several days all day long.. Tell NANA and joy and eveyone im glad they are okay ... And that I LOVE THEM ... Please let me know if theres anything i can do...


Barbara said...

We just received this note from the Bridges..."Thanks so much Barbara they found Julie. The pastor called me about ten minutes
ago and her son had called just seconds before the pastor to let me know. Her
son was just crying his eyes out and so thankful for everyones prayers. Praise the Lord

nancy said... showing nonstop footage as it comes in..Things they say they need you to know.30 countries helping,U.S.naval medical ship with supplies/Military planes with supplies are at Port-Au-Prince.Be careful of air born disease/contaminated wells.Calm the peoples fears as much as possible!GOD heres the cry of his people!We will stay prayerful & try to keep you informed,CNN states that word of mouth is the only way to get info out.

Sherry Brown said...

Thank God help is getting there, I hope and Pray that much more help and supplies get there. WHen my family goes to Church in the morning We will request special prayers for all of you and all the suffering people in Haiti. God is still in control Love you all and God Bless Sherry Brown Regina is keeping me informed as she finds out imformation