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The Family
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Christians Need to Quit Hating

In a country as liberated from the shackles of dark aged religious rhetoric and senseless prohibitions, we Christians need to reconsider our stance and be more inclusive.  Isn't that basically the message to the church today from our society.  All we have to do is to accept the modern version of marriage, a woman's right to choose, and quit being so exclusive of people just because they don't believe the same thing about God as we do and then we will be not be haters.  Those shifts in our positions would allow us to come along side the leaders in our communities and implement "change" and continue the peaceful advancement of moral and cultural unity.

So...let's see what steps we as churches and church leaders could take to reach such noble goals.

The problem we have with "a woman's right to choose" is the whole Ten Commandments "thou shalt not Kill" thing.  We definitely have to get rid of the Ten Commandments all together.  They are far to restrictive and absolute.  Who is God to tell us we can't murder, steal, cheat, lie, and blaspheme?  Step One- Throw out all restrictions of God and especially any references to the Ten Commandments.

The main obstacle to redefining marriage is the Bible.  We are going to have to change how we view the Bible.  Either we can just toss it out all together or we can just agree that it is basically a book of fables with moral recommendations but not absolutes.  We could even work together with those that are wanting to make a more inclusive religious book by taking pieces of all "historical religious writings" and make a book that does not teach right from wrong.  Then we could all be right.  Okay, step two- Throw out our Bible.

To include all people as just as right as us about God, Heaven, Eternity, the after life, and how we should live our lives here, we are going to have to stop talking so much about Jesus.  Jesus after all is the one that taught these things.  We as Christians can't keep teaching what Jesus taught if we are going to live at peace with all other beliefs.  Jesus himself did make the extremely radical and exclusive statement that HE alone was the ONLY way to God the Father and Heaven.  How could we possibly be all inclusive if the very foundation of our belief system is based on the teachings of someone so fanatically exclusive.  So it's settled, necessary step number three- Eliminate all references and teachings referring to Jesus.

Now... let's recap.  All we have to do in order to not be seen as haters and non-inclusive is follow these three simple steps:
  1. Get Rid of the Ten Commandments
  2. Get Rid of the Bible
  3. Get Rid of all teachings of Jesus
One other thing.  In order to not be seen as haters, we have to quit loving so much.  Loving someone so much that you want to see them find their destiny for which they were created and bring glory to God with their life instead of ruining it with sin and self indulgence is gonna have to stop.  We can't love people so much that we are willing to look foolish in order to tell them about salvation and the way to God the Father and Heaven.  That kind of love is standing in the way of unity.  That kind of love is too radical and sets a bad example for the future generation of atheistic secularists.  I know it will be hard, but if we just stop loving God, then we can stop loving his creation.  If we stop serving God, then we can stop serving others.  

So if we totally disregard EVERYTHING we believe, then and only then can we be embraced by society. So let's get to it.  We have lots of unloving to do so we won't be seen as hating.  And since Christian is a reference to Christ which reminds people of Jesus, we need to get us a new name too.  Any ideas?

***note- anyone not familiar with sarcasm and allegory may miss the point here today!

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