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The Family
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Year Post-Quake

One year has come and gone since the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010.  Today was a day of remembrance throughout the country.  I don't want to remember the days after the quake but I do want to remember the hundreds of thousands of people that lost family and friends.  It is a sad situation to see how little progress has taken place in the rebuilding process.  Hundreds of thousands of people...yes people...not just Haitians...not just 'refugees'...not just poverty stricken masses...they are people...with hearts, and needs, and emotions, and psychological scars, and fears, and dreams, and heart aches...and they are living in tents made of year old tarps and they are waiting for the government to come to their aid...the Haitian government.  Sit and think for a minute that your only source of hope is for one of the most incompetent and corrupt governments in the world to come to meet your most basic of needs.  So that is where we come in.  We have the chance to offer them true hope.  Hope in eternity as well as hope for today and tomorrow.  The crazy thing for us now is that because of this past year many of these 'people' have become friends of our family.  We have seen babies born in the refugee camps and others die.  We don't know what the next year holds but we pray we can see deliverance from bondage for many of the people that we know.  We have the chance to give mommies hope that their baby will be able to get medicine when they are sick.  We are able to give hard working fisherman hope that they will be able to send their kids to school so that they can have a better opportunity for providing for their families.  We are able to help elderly women see to sort their own beans again for the first time in years.  We are able to help hundreds of kids believe that someone actually sees them.  And we are able to help dying souls believe that once it is time for them to "cross over" they can actually enter into eternity with peace by having a relationship with the one true God.

It has not been an easy year since the quake for anyone but we are grateful for the progress God has given us in the ministry of many lives here.  We believe we were here for a reason and that God has a plan for us bigger than ourselves.  Thanks to all of you back home who make it possible for us to keep on course here.  Thanks for your prayers and your on going support.

(I have to link you to a blog for a friend that visited last week.  He is the running back for Texas Tech and came down to work here the day after their Cotton Bowl game.  He is an amazing photographer and took some pictures that are just awesome and he is helping with our child sponsorship program. He also took the picture at the beginning of this blog.  Here is the link to his blog.  Thanks so much Baron Batch!)

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indyhumes said...

Hi there! My name is Karin Hume and I am new to following your blog. My husband, teenage son and toddler are looking to move to Haiti to work with Christianville. I've read some of your blog and about how your older kids were a little resistant. I was wondering if you would be willing to share more about this with me and maybe some of the struggles you faced moving your family there.
Thank you so much, Karin