The Family

The Family
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Thursday, April 15, 2010


I was visiting one set of Joy's twins with a team from Indiana to give the babies some formula and rice for the mom when a friend of Joy's came up and told me she had a baby that I needed to see. I went to her house nearby and found a tiny 5 week old baby. Her mouth full of thrush and her skin covered in a rash. She had the smallest little round face you have ever seen. God immediately touched my heart.

The next day the lady took the baby to the hospital and called me to tell me she wanted us to take it. She said she could not care for it and did not have anyone in the family that could. I was in Port Au Prince but when I got home I sent Joy to the hospital to see what she needed to do for the little thing.

We discovered that at 2 weeks the baby was abandoned in an old school to die. By the grace of God she was discovered at 1 o'clock in the morning by a lady and brought to the friend that had agreed to keep her until they decided what to do. They knew the baby and Joy's friend was the cousin of the father. He is an older man in the village. Too old to be caring for a baby. We have had trouble finding out much about the mother. Supposedly she was here from the mountains and is a young girl. No one has heard from her since she abandoned the baby.

The father asked if we could take the baby. After a long discussion with him about how irresponsible it was to get a teenage girl pregnant at his age and how disgusted that made me, we agreed that the baby needed a new home. He asked if he could be known as the baby's grandfather and have a role in her life. We agreed.

We get offered babies all the time. We were offfered a six month old set of twins just this week. It is usually either a sick mother or from a family with too many children. But this was different. God had touched our hearts and we felt just like with the other kids we have adopted that she was supposed to be a part of our family. So Joy stayed with her at the hospital that night and then we brought her to our house the next morning. Two days later we met the father at the Justice of the Peace office and allowed him to sign the rights and legal guardianship over to us. Haiti is not allowing any new adoptions to take place right now but we are going to start the process as soon as it is allowable.

She has been with us three weeks now. She was born on Feb. 10. When we got her on March 29th she weighed six pounds. She is now up to over 8 pounds and looks great. We still have to have her AIDS tested and everything before we can start the adoption process but we are so thankful that God did not allow her to die that night in that school. Keep her in your prayers. We named her Justice Kacia. Joy got the name Justice from Isaiah 30:18 as she was reading in the hospital the night she spent there with her. All of the Haitian people know the mother committed a crime but the LORD is a God of Justice. Kacia is short for acacia which is the wood used to make the Ark of the Covenant. We knew this was the perfect name for our newest addition. Pray that all goes through in the arduous process of Haitian adoption.

She has really been an immediate blessing to our entire family. All of the kids as well as the Haitian people we work with are so blessed by her.


Anonymous said...

Justice looks perfect with the other Reeves girls!!!! I am so happy for you but mostly for that precious baby to have such a REMARKABLE, WONDERFUL family. God is so good...all the time. Keeping you in my prayers, as always! Love you!
Carrie Benner

jeska said...

My joy omg i cant wait to meet her she is precious. I love you guys so much.

Mandy said...

So happy for all of you!!! She is so precious. I can't wait to follow along in your process. How is your little J Coop and all the other Reeves' children. I hope to hear of how the orphanage is coming along. May God continue to bless you in all you do. The mom of the other J Coop in Indiana!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet Joy!!!! Please give baby Justice a kiss for me! A special hug and kiss for all the other Reeves babies! Miss and Love you all so much! XOXO!
Mallory Benner

Simply-Crafted said...

Praying for her, she is precious! We hope to meet her when you come back to central baptist for a visit!!


amanda young said...

hi mrs . joy reeves my is amanda young . i was wondering if you would like me to come sometime to hati and help you out with your baby girl justice . she is so adorable to me , she looks so cute that i would love to enjoy helping you out with her if need me to . how old is baby Justice now? please email me at or write and post on my blogger at i hope to hear from you really soon may god bless your baby girl justice that the lord has brought into your life to take wonderful care of her.