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The Family
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Which is Better One or Two?

It was a good day. I started our regular scheduled clinic days at our clinic in St. Ard today. The clinic is based in a mission hospital about 25 minutes from where we live. We have seen patients there before but not on a regular scheduled basis. It felt great to get into that today. I have seen thousands of patients since we got to Haiti but it has been as screenings and with rudimentary equipment. Today I got to do eye exams very similar to the ones I performed on patients back in the U.S. before we moved here. We have a great clinic set up and we are in the process of getting a lab set up to make glasses here as well. I should have had that already done. Because of my procrastination and being so consumed by other ministry that I did not go to retrieve our equipment for the lab when it arrived in country at another clinic near PAP. Now much of the equipment is covered with rubble from the quake and we do not know how much will be usable. Lesson number 638 learned in Haiti: Never let valuable equipment sit in someone else's warehouse an earthquake could destroy it. Ok...lesson learned!

I would appreciate your prayers too because the other hospital where we are going to have a clinic has began work on finishing the rooms where our clinic will be. It will only be a couple of weeks and they will be ready. I do not have the equipment to put in the clinic yet. I need to find the equipment and get it shipped as quick as possible. Right now I can get medical equipment shipped in without having to pay customs for it. It would be great to get that done in the next couple of weeks and get in before that ends at the end of March.

The "mission" is coming along. That is what we are calling the location we have secured for the orphans, and the team rooms, our ministry office, and a place to see patients on an emergency basis. We have some people in the states working on shipping a container to upfit the entire place. I will be letting people know the details of that as they develop. We have had the opportunity to accept a few kids but not what we feel God has in store for us. We are still waiting for Him to send us the kids He wants us to have. Keep that in prayer.

The refugee camps are getting complicated. The people are tired of staying there and now school is getting ready to start back and they do not know what to do with the refugees. The group of young people that started the camp want to build build 60 wooden and tin houses on about 2 acres for the people to live in for two years. I have talked to them about it and just see many problems with the plan...sanitation, water, diseases, long term planning, dependency...and the list goes on. I want to help the people find a long term plan for each family and not be dependant on someone else for 2 years in slum conditions.

We are excited to see God moving in the lives of people. The man that is in charge of the property where we live and the girl that has been helping Joy some with the kids and everything have both made professions of faith in Jesus Christ in the last two weeks. Pray for Nabal and Meray as they begin their new walks of faith.

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tricia harris said...

Wow! God is certainly at work there in Haiti, it sounds like! Don't be too hard on yourself about the equipment, as you've ONLY relocated over the ocean and have taken on a completely new calling in your lives, all in less than a year, I might add. We think you're all doing an awesome job, and always consider your obedience when asked to step outside our own comfort zones. God is doing a mighty work in all of you! We praise Him for the new professions of faith that you were able to witness, too! Give everyone BIG hugs, and sweet kisses for us!

We love and miss you all!
Tricia and family