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The Family
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Thanksgiving Thought

This is the picture of the day on USA Today's website. It is of a 4 year old little girl in Haiti that is being weighed at a Doctors Without Borders medical clinic. Click Here to read the entire story.

The article tells about the condition of many in Haiti since the flooding and now the food shortages in some areas. Doctors Without Borders says that in the clinic in PAP where this child is, they have had 2 dozen children die in the last 2 weeks of malnutrition.

In a season of Thanksgiving feasting it seems that somehow we should be more broken over the people that will eat less this month than most of us will eat on Thanksgiving Day alone. We really do have more to be thankful for than we could ever imagine. Maybe this Christmas some of you could choose to do what Joy and I did 2 years ago. In December of 2006 I took a trip to Haiti right before Christmas. We met with a family that has 4 children living in the home and the father had left to go to the DR to try to find work. That left the mom alone to try to provide for her family. The children were extremely malnourished and unhealthy. I could not come back and spend hundreds of dollars on stuff that we do not need and will probably seldom ever use. Joy and I decided to not give each other anything for Christmas and instead use the money we would have spent and support that family every month.

The next time I went to see the family, you could see a marked difference in the kids. Their hair was growing in better, their bellies were not as distended and misshapen. You could see the health in their eyes. The mother cried as she thanked me for saving their family and helping during that tough time. We have supported that family ever since and we plan to continue supporting them. There is nothing I need or even want that can compare to the food we are able to buy every month and the hope we are able to give through such a small gift.


Anonymous said...

OK Kerry - So how do we go about support a family every month also instead of spending money for the holidays just to be doing? Can you post to let us know how to do that? We are just too blessed not to be able to share in the name of Jesus. God bless you and Joy and the kids. Love ya - Shelly B

The Reeves Family said...

Right now we are trying to raise money to support the teachers in our schools. We have about 24 teachers that are not paid. $50 per month will pay the teacher and support their family. You can just let me know you would like to start and we will get you set up. I will get you some information about the family of the teacher you are supporting. Thank you for considering sharing in that way. You are such a blessing to us.