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Friday, September 30, 2016

"Mom Forces Little Girl to Be a Girl"

The title of this post is what I imagined the mainstream media headline would be during a moving encounter I had a few weeks ago.  I spent some time talking to a group about the guidance sent by our government to school systems on how to deal with transgender students.

I explained the issue at hand and the issue of gender identity. After the meeting I greeted everyone and we talked for a while as people left. Once everyone had left the facility and the sound guy was closing everything down, a lady approached me and said she wanted to talk. We'll call her Susie.

Susie told me that she was adopted. She explained that when she was younger that she only liked to play with the boys. She had a horse and she loved acting like she was a cowboy riding her horse and climbing trees. She told me about the day at age 8 that she went to her adoptive mother and told her that she wanted to change her name to John and be a boy. She told her mom that she felt like she was really a boy anyway and that she didn't want to be a girl. She was so confused and she felt like there was some kind of mistake.

Her mom totally understood. Her mom loved her and didn't want her to agonize and feel those feelings of confusion. So her mother compassionately and wisely took little Susie to the local YMCA and signed her up for the girls' swim classes that summer. She also signed her up for voice lessons the following fall. Her mom made a concerted effort to get Susie into the kitchen with her more often and made cooking fun for her. She didn't stop her from riding horses. She didn't keep her from playing with the boys. She just helped her to see that she could enjoy being who God made her to be.

Standing in the sanctuary Sunday night, tears streamed down this sweet lady's face. She said that many times through her life she has reflected on those days in her preteen youth when things could have gone differently. She says that because of her mother's initiative she worked through her confused feelings. She says that eventually she accepted her God given identity. Because of her mother's loving support she found the man of her dreams in her 20's. She was married and had kids of her own. Her grand kids and now great grand kids are the greatest blessings of her life. She cried as she thought of what might have happened had she been in a school where children are taught to pursue those feelings of confusion. She said that her heart breaks for little girls that experience exactly what she experienced, but whose parents are not being taught how to deal with it in a way that leads to healthy victory. Susie cried for those little girls that she could so easily relate to.

An article by The American College of Pediatricians references research that shows that "98% of gender confused boys and 88% of gender confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty." Click Here for the article. Yet state's are passing laws that make it illegal to counsel children to accept their biological identity in the presence of gender dysphoria.

Susie's mom was not a "Trans-phobe" as those of us that don't support using children as pawns in the furthering of the sexual revolution are now being categorized.  She was simply a mother that loved her little GIRL. She simply believed the Christian values of trusting that the Bible is true when it says in Genesis 5:2 that "He created them male and female and blessed them." I gave the 80 something year old Susie a hug as she said she was so glad that her mom forced her to be Susie instead of letting her decide at 8 years old to be Johnny.

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