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The Family
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Friday, April 10, 2015

The Culture War

Is there a culture war going on in our society?
My answer is an overwhelming YES.

What are the battle fronts?
Among them are:
1- Marriage and the definition of it.
2- When does life begin?
3- Is there absolute truth?
4- Should Judeo-Christian based morality have a prominent place in our society?
5- Does our country want to ascribe to progressive/liberal ideals or conservative ideals?

In my mind, the question is not whether there is a culture battle raging, the question is whether or not I want to actively engage in the battle or  allow the fight to play out and sail along disengaged. Does it really matter?  Should Christians and the church be involved in culture wars and the direction the society and our generation progresses?

I would argue that since morality is at the heart of the battle, and the church in our nation has been a compass for morality since our nation was founded, then yes the church finds herself in the midst of the battle.  Is fighting the culture war our major objective?  No.  Our major objective is pure and un-defiled religion as defined by James as caring for those in need and fulfilling the Great Commission of going into the world making disciples of Jesus Christ.  Can we fulfill our primary objective and still be effective in engaging in the culture battle going on around us?

I believe that to best fulfill our primary duties as the church, we should be involved in espousing biblical morality.  Our message of love and hope are going to be best heard and received in an environment of morality.  If we truly believe that it is best for people to live moral lives according to our convictions of the Bible, we are doing the society as a whole an injustice by turning a blind eye to the immorality and rebellion against the things of God.

There has always been a culture battle going on.  In past generations however the church was seen as the moral foundation upon which people either followed or opposed.  Now, in our day, the church's message in America has been diluted and redefined to better suit the times.  Therefore there is no definitive authority of morality by which we can stand.  In order to be "relevant" the church has become neutered and powerless.  Caving on the redefining of certain sins.  Changing stances on moral issues.  Being weak in order to be seen as receptive.  These tactics have only served to weaken the stance that there is truly a moral absolute by which God judges human activity.  Vacillating on these issues only makes it seem like it is up to us to decide what is right and wrong.  The church as a whole in America has helped to create a situation similar to Judges 21:25 -"everyone did what was right in his own eyes."

The Bible clearly condemns this societal position.  We do not get to chose what is right and what is wrong.  We get to decide if we want to do what is right or not but moral Biblical standards set the bar.

There is a large and growing contingency in America that does not believe that this is the right path.  Many feel that the Bible is not a moral standard and should not be used to dictate to others what is acceptable.  Others take the Bible and interpret it in such a way as to support their stance even though it is contrary to the overarching interpretation and stance of the scriptures.  THAT is why there is a battle.  If there was no opposing side, there would be no battle.

The progressive forces in the culture war have done a masterful job of using media, public opinion, governmental authority, and the education system (elementary through university) to position themselves as the trendy, modern, accepting side in the battle while all others are narrow minded, bigoted, and ignorant.  Therefore, in areas of our society where people are only marginally engaged in the pursuit of bettering the world around them, they are easily drawn in to the side of the battle that seems trendy.

In my own personal battle, I chose to stand for the principles that I believe will help our society be a better place for my children and grand children to live.  I chose to stand opposed to forces that tend to erode morality and the institutions of marriage, family, and the church.  I vow to support organizations and institutions that espouse decency and traditional values of goodness and hard work.  I don't chose a political party.  I don't chose to be known by a label, but I will fight for the unborn and those unable to fight for themselves.  I will live with being called names as I paddle upstream against the current of popularity and political correctness.  I will not hate.  I will not begrudge.  I will not  condemn.  But that does not mean I will not stand firm.  I want to be known for what I stand for more than what I oppose.  I want to be remembered for the difference I made in the lives of all types of people instead of just being remembered for being different.  In the process, I will use all platforms that God affords me to be engaged in the culture battle that we currently find ourselves.  I will also encourage others to engage.  Not for the sake of the fight.  But because knowing what you believe to the point that you will fight for it is a liberating position and what I believe marks a fully committed follower of Jesus.  I will be satisfied with the epitaph: "Everyone knew what he believed- especially he himself".  Know what you believe then stand for it.